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Would you believe that our love of the typeface Impact is key to the origin story of this typeface? Combined with an affinity for Eurostile plus a heavy dose of 90s inspiration and boom, that's Anybody. But nostalgia alone isn’t enough to power this mega family of 90 styles. It has quirks to help separate it from meme text or a movie title. That said, it would work expertly as meme text or a movie title, we just don’t want you to feel limited by those options.

Which is how it got its name, Anybody. It’s flexible enough to adapt to a variety of situations. From UltraCondensed to ExtraExpanded, type set in Anybody can take up a tiny amount of horizontal space or so much space that you'll need several lines. Its high x-height and low cap height help exaggerate extreme widths and weights. The italic angle is 10º, noticable but subtle. The inclusion of some popular OpenType features make it practical and customizable.

Anybody comes in static styles for desktop and web as well as a single variable font and has received several updates since its release in August of 2018. Thanks to Google Fonts it now exists in libre form with an Open Font License and is available on Github


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This typeface ships with an OFL (Open Font License) which allows you to install it on as many computers as you like, desktop and web, for free, forever. You can pick it up from the following locations: